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Developing Innovative, Modern and Hands-on Digital Teaching Materials with a Focus on Robotics, Cloud and IoT for VET
Acronym (R-IoT-C)4VET

Project objectives

The goals of our project:

  • To ensure the development of digital skills and innovative technologies to improve the teaching environment
  • Guiding students by showing them which areas they are lacking through innovative assessment
  • Increasing the motivation to learn with the necessary feedback
  • To use more efficiently the time the teacher will spend to determine the student’s level of readiness
  • Raising awareness of the importance of Robotics, IoT and Cloud in digital education and job market
  • Developing new approaches and possible training methods for the qualifications of educators
  • Promoting distance education systems due to the increasing importance of digital education due to Covid-19
  • Development of digital skills and distance education at the education and training level
  • To promote continuing vocational education and training with easy access to content through our distance learning platform
  • To ensure that the skills and abilities of current students are compatible with the basic skills and abilities in the labor market
  • Ensuring and encouraging cooperation in the field of Vocational Education and Higher Education
  • To train qualified manpower that can lead research in the field of AI at vocational school, associate degree and undergraduate level and to encourage the European digital industry level
  • Supporting strong partnerships between business and educational institutions
  • To support corporate and individual development
  • To support R&D activities
  • Reducing mismatches in the qualifications of job seekers in the employment market by developing concurrent curricula through strong and lasting partnerships between social partners, private sector, universities, non-governmental organizations and VET providers
  • To promote the development of skills and competences of trainers and teachers through work-based learning
  • Strengthening the international dimension of education and training
  • To ensure the modernization and professionalism of our institutions
  • To develop working capacity and professionalism at EU and international level